With a legacy of excellence for over 40 years in diamond jewelry artisanship, the Shlomit Rogel designer studio is part of the "Rogel Diamonds" brand , the studio designs and manufactures top quality, elegant and luxurious natural earth mined diamond jewelry- ethically and carefully sourced.

Based in the Israeli Diamond Exchange Center, Shlomit Rogel sells internationally with hubs in the US and the UK.

Shlomit Rogel creates contemporary, everyday luxury jewelry with a unique twist for modern women. Her collections, featuring sparkling diamonds, combine day-to-day elegance and red carpet glamour delivering a blend of sophistication and femininity in attainable, desirable jewelry.

Shlomit Rogel's designs were featured in VOUGE's 2022 Gift Guide.   



Following in her father Avi Rogel’s z”l footsteps, Shlomit Rogel continues the legacy of the family business alongside her sister, Maya, as the CEO and Head Designer at Rogel Diamonds in the Israeli Diamond Exchange and internationally under her eponymous jewelry label, “Shlomit Rogel”.

The youngest of three sisters, Shlomit grew up admiring her father for being a successful businessman in his field, but most importantly an honest and inspirational individual. Following her studies at the Israel Institute of Technology (otherwise known as the ‘Technion’), Shlomit began working in a high-tech company. It is her experience in the Israeli and global high-tech industry as an engineer, analyst, production manager- as well as her work within the international acquisitions and logistics departments- that enabled Shlomit to gain a comprehensive view of business management early on. 

Shlomit quit the high-tech world and joined Rogel Diamonds after her father became ill. Nine months after she officially joined the family trade, her father and CEO of Rogel Diamonds Avi Rogel z”l passed. Shlomit reflects on her time working with her father as a precious learning experience which altered the trajectory of her career.

Today, the mother of three, CEO and Head Designer persists in her mission of supplying top quality diamonds and jewels, while maintaining a high-end experience for each individual customer through her local and international business: Rogel Diamonds and Shlomit Rogel. 

Heritage & Legacy

The story of Rogel Diamonds began with the hard work and determination of Avi (Askapa) Rogel z”l. As a young man, Mr. Rogel worked at a diamond manufacturing factory during the dawn of the diamond and jewelry business development in Israel. An artist and lover of aesthetics- Mr. Rogel received training in cutting and polishing diamonds early on, based on his exceptional talent and motivation.

Like many Jewish families from the diaspora seeking to assimilate in Israeli culture, Mr. Rogel’s older brother Yaacov, proposed to change the family name from the Spanish Askapa to Rogel. The new surname was based on the Biblical Ein Rogel- an ancient, meaningful location on the outskirts of Jerusalem. Unfortunately, Yaacov passed away before he was able to make his dream a reality, but his brother, Avi, carried out his brother’s wish. 

Yaacov left a substantial sum of money from his life insurance and named his younger brother as the beneficiary. During this time, the factory where Mr. Rogel was working for experienced financial hardships. Despite his young age, Mr. Rogel bought the factory, and became the owner. Thus in 1976, the prestigious diamond jewelry brand, Rogel Diamonds, became a successful reality in the Israel Diamond Exchange.

The Rogel family emphasizes dedication and love as their way of carrying on the history of the family brand, founded by their father. The continuation of integrity, reliability and personal connection to others is of the utmost importance for Shlomit Rogel. The company strives to empower female leadership in the diamond and jewelry business- an industry known to be largely male-dominated throughout history. The Rogel Diamonds and Shlomit Rogel teams are proudly female led.

Timeless Luxury 

The Shlomit Rogel designer studio designs and manufactures top quality, elegant and luxurious natural diamond jewelry- ethically and carefully sourced. Shlomit Rogel’s vision is to create exceptional everyday luxuries for each client. In addition to the Rogel Diamonds office in the Diamond Exchange building, the company’s online presence is accompanied by excellent customer experience and a unique attention to the client’s needs and wishes. At the Shlomit Rogel studio, each real and rare piece is timeless, beautifully wrapped and comes with a GIA certificate- as well as a certificate of guarantee. The exquisite quality and personal approach to each piece is of first-rate distinction. As designers and manufacturers, the brand’s team treats each jewel as a business card- therefore never compromising on the polish and cut of their luxurious and natural diamonds. Shlomit Rogel and the Rogel Diamonds team continues to push the envelope with designing unique and meaningful jewelry- while preserving the Rogel heritage of integrity and expertise. 

Sustainable Jewelry

From sourcing earth mined diamonds that are conflict-free to maintaining eco-friendly production methods, we strive to create a brand that is not only stylish and sophisticated, but also one that our customers can feel good about supporting.

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