How to Find Your Ring Size

It is important to note that measuring for ring sizes involves a certain estimation. Each ring may feel differently on the wearer’s finger and some women may prefer for their rings to fit differently- whether the ring sits more loosely on the finger for extra comfort or feels tight and secure. Upon receiving your Rogel Diamonds ring, you will be given the option to further fit your ring size at our studio should you need to.


The Different Methods of Finding Ring Sizes

Method 1- and the simplest! Using the free Ring Sizer app.
To download the app on the iPhone, click here.
To download the app on Android, click here.


Method 2- Using an existing ring: Place the ring on a ruler and check for the diameter in millimetres. Compare the millimetres measured using the size chart below.
For example, the inside diameter of the ring in the image below is 16.5mm which can be translated to a 52 ring size using the chart below.

 Method 3- Measure the circumference of your finger: Using a string or a thin fabric strap, wrap the finger in the chosen material and place upon a ruler- this way you will be able to measure your finger’s circumference. Find your ring size using the chart below.

ring size

Would you like to buy a ring as a surprise gift? Don’t know her size?

You are not alone! Most men would not know a woman’s ring size by heart and are afraid to ruin the surprise by asking. Before you hurry and measure her rings, it is important to note that even if you do try and measure the ring you temporarily stole from her drawer, it is possible it would not be the right size. Women tend to wear rings on all fingers, and it may be that the ring you measure is worn on a certain finger of a different size. Additionally, there is at least a size difference between the left and the right hand. For this exact reason, all of the Rogel engagement rings are made slightly bigger in size than average- so most of our rings fit exactly or a tad bigger on most women. The only case where we will insist on fitting a size in advance is when you may worry that the ring is too small. Receiving a gift that you cannot wear is disappointing and Rogel Diamonds will help and accompany you throughout the process of determining a ring size.