Committed to sustainability, Shlomit Rogel diamond jewelry studio is dedicated to ethical and environmentally responsible practices.

We understand the impact that the jewelry industry can have on people and the planet, and we are dedicated to reducing that impact as much as possible. From sourcing diamonds that are conflict-free and recycled, to using eco-friendly production methods, we strive to create a brand that is not only stylish and sophisticated, but also one that our customers can feel good about supporting.

Here are a few examples of how our diamond jewelry brand practices sustainability:

  1. Conflict-free diamonds: We source only diamonds that are certified conflict-free, ensuring that our products do not contribute to human rights violations or environmental harm.
  2. Where possible, we use recycled diamonds in our designs to reduce the environmental impact of mining new diamonds, ROGEL has introduced the “upgrade plan” to allow our clients to upgrade the size of their diamonds and thus allowing a re-use of their diamonds. 
  3. Our production processes are designed to minimize waste and use renewable energy wherever possible.
  4. As an environmentally conscious studio, we are committed to reducing waste and preserving the planet by avoiding paper and plastic in our operations.
  5. Fair labor practices: We work with suppliers and manufacturers who follow fair labor practices and pay fair wages to their workers.

By incorporating these practices into our business, we are able to offer our customers beautiful, luxurious diamond jewelry that they can feel good about owning.