Treated/Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

A treated diamond (otherwise known as ‘upgraded diamond’) is a natural diamond mined from a diamond mine, but undergoes an additional external process called a treatment for the purpose of enhancement.

What is the Treatment?

The process of a treatment is in fact a technological interference (and is often Israeli technology) in which the natural flaws of the diamond’s formation are treated. Nearly all natural diamonds contain internal flaws which are rated in clarity. 

Treated diamonds are diamonds with enhanced clarity levels- meaning the internal flaws are treated. This process rates the diamond’s internal clarity levels higher.

During the treatment, the diamonds are boiled and the flaws are corroded using acid. The cracks are often filled with silicone on a microscopic level, so that the cavities or internal flaws are almost undetectable, leaving only traces of the treatment’s process.

Every professional can detect treated diamonds. However, there are diamonds that are treated at a high level of expertise and minor treatment, therefore it may be harder to decipher the treatment level.

Image description: A diamond before treatment (left) and after treatment (right). You can see blue and purple stripes which are traces of the treatment.

 about treated diamonds

The Advantages of Buying Treated Diamonds:

  1. Compared to a pre-treatment diamond, a treated, clarity enhanced diamond will always look better.

  2. The prices of treated diamonds are significantly lower than untreated diamonds. A one carat diamond with SI2 clarity which is un-treated will be significantly more expensive than a treated one carat diamond at S12 clarity.


The Disadvantages of Buying Treated Diamonds:

  1. The treatment is interfering with the diamond’s internal structure and it is possible that after a few years it will be necessary to perform a renewed treatment (usually included within the seller’s warranty).

  2. The treated diamonds are rated significantly lower amongst diamond professionals, and some gemological labs will even refuse to rate them (GIA).

  3. Since these are rated lower in quality, the diamond market contains treated/clarity enhanced diamonds at a low-quality standard in cut and proportion- which will not sparkle and disappoint the client. It is important to buy treated diamonds from a reliable seller.

A diamond studded engagement ring is almost every woman’s dream. A treated diamond is an alternative option for those who are looking to purchase a big diamond with a smaller budget. Treated diamonds are less expensive, whereas untreated diamonds will only reach the treated diamond price if they are low-quality in cut and clarity. In this case it is better to purchase a treated diamond as it will look much better for the same price point.