Black Diamonds

Black diamonds are not a new invention, but are real diamonds that have been present in the industry for quite some time. In recent years, they are even more popular. You will often notice black diamonds are used for the more trendy/fashionable jewelry, or as a great option for those who want a different type of diamond jewelry look. Black diamonds are a fashion statement and definitely stand out!

The material from which the black diamond is made of is called a carbon crystal- therefore it is a diamond. However, these diamonds do not shine like most diamonds, but absorb light instead of reflecting it.


Are Black Diamonds Cheaper or More Expensive Than White Diamonds?

Generally speaking, black diamonds found in jewelry stores and the ones from the Rogel Diamonds studio are dyed using an oven. The black diamond is placed inside an oven which is kept at a very high temperature and then it is “dyed” by carbonating the diamond. For this reason, most black diamonds are cheaper than clear diamonds which used to be flawed white diamonds. Naturally black diamonds are extremely rare; therefore, they can be more expensive. In reality, these natural black diamonds are not really black, but grey.

One of the most famous natural black diamonds is called “Black Orlov” and its size measures in 67.50 carat, with the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) rating the diamond as a green-deep blue color.


What You Should Know Before Purchasing a Black Diamond?

Since the appearance of a black diamond is opaque, there are many synthetic imitations in the market. Therefore, it is important to purchase a black diamond ring (just like any diamond ring) from a studio which will provide a GIA certificate for the purchase and will specifically state that the diamond is real.