Our Legacy
Rogel Diamonds was founded in 1976, starting out in a diamond polishing factory set up by my father RIP Avi Rogel. His love of beauty for precision and aesthetics did not end with cutting perfect diamonds - my father, as a painter and creator, began to craft jewelry models for his enjoyment and thus began the love story between Rogel Diamonds and diamond jewelry.
The Rogel Vision
Although this is the next generation, Rogel's story is just beginning, today my sister and I continue Dad's path with dedication and love. Our love is not limited to beautiful jewelry and diamonds, my father's tradition of love and integrity accompanies us today and therefore at Rogel we adhere to the highest standards of Service and quality.

Purchase Straight From the Manufacture
We are aware of the importance your buying budget, as manufacturers we offer you a considerable advantage: buy directly from the manufacturer and skip the brokerage gaps since our studio is located inside the stock exchange buildings in Israel, an advantage that is reflected in the price. At the same time it is important for us to note - we will never compromise on the quality of the jewellery that leaves the Rogel Diamond House.

Uncompromising reliability and quality
When love is art and art is the profession - there are no compromises. In Rogel we treat all our jewelry as a business card. As veteran diamond merchants with a diamond trade license, the quality of the diamonds of our products is important to us, which is why we make sure to place sparkling diamonds, especially at the level of excellent cutting. All the diamonds offered on the site are carefully selected for you by the gemologist team of Rogel Diamonds and are accompanied by a gemological certificate. Every piece of jewellery that leaves our factories undergoes strict quality control - Rogel Diamonds We lead the dual control method of diamonds, even behind the scenes we maintain the high level and training of professionals: jewellers, studs, casters and so on - only the best for Rogel jewellery. In addition, we have a replacement policy that will buy you peace of mind. We are so confident in the quality of our jewelry that we provide you with a lifetime warranty, combined with a convenient refund and cancellation policy and you are guaranteed peace of mind when shopping at Studio Rogel.
Diamond jewellery from Rogel
At Rogel Diamonds, we believe that every customer should have a piece of jewelry, which is why we lovingly produce a wide and meticulous collection of diamond jewellery. Interested in customising a diamond? Rogel is a department for customising diamonds and we can offer you diamonds bearing the gemological certificate of prestigious institutes such as GIA (read about GIA). We invite you to come to Rogel Diamond Studio for a meeting with a diamond expert on the stock exchange in Ramat Gan (arrival is by prior arrangement due to the security arrangements of the stock exchange).

We especially enjoy fulfilling dreams, so if you have a piece of jewelry that you want to design, contact us and the home designer will accompany you through the fascinating process.

I invite you to join the family!

Shlomit Rogel