How to Choose Diamond Jewelry for Special Events

Looking for sparkling diamond jewelry full of presence for an important event?

At Rogel you will find a wide variety of the most beautiful diamond jewelry that will make you shine and turn heads! 

We at Rogel understand the need and importance of being sparkly and glamorous. We would love to invite you to choose the perfect piece for your event.

We have put together some our top picks for diamond jewelry for a glittering event: 

The Kayla 3ct diamond earrings combined with a single Lena earring create the perfect combination! A look full of style, the most up-to-date and shine there is.

Our suggestion: Diamond earrings look good with gathered hair and also in a scattered look. Of course you can enjoy the earrings together or separately for many years to come.

ATELIER diamond earrings combined with a diamond collar necklace will be especially suitable for glamorous events and shows.

The necklace is perfect for a rounded key at the top of the dress. The combination of the necklace and earrings is great for an elegant, luxurious and shimmering look.

Diamond necklace set with marquise diamonds.

The center of the necklace slides to the middle of the chest, giving you a feminine and shiny look. Especially suitable with a V-neck cut.

If you have any questions our staff will be happy to help you!