2022 Oscars Award Ceremony - Top Trends

The Oscar ceremony has long been a mirror of notable trends in the beauty and fashion industry. The ceremony this year was no different in this respect. In terms of jewelry and accessories - this is always an opportunity to look at the choices of celebrities, the fashion statements and the style of each and every one of them. lets start:

Trend 1 - Politically correct
True, it may not be a jewelry design, nor is it a beauty or fashion trend, but certainly throughout the ceremony its presence stood out - the discourse, the presentation, even the nominees - everything feels like it was dictated and tested by the  unwritten political rules. The industry has adopted these directives, so I was very surprised when I saw Will Smith take the stage and slap comedian Chris Rock, the only one who allowed himself to step a little outside the frame…

From a disease that causes her to lose hair, while mentioning the character of the bald warrior GJ Jin. A blatantly incorrect joke.
So what shall we say? Not nice, not pleasant - neither the joke nor the slap. Well done to Will Smith for apologising, I think Chris Rock also needs to apologise to Jada. That is it, I had to address this… Now can we to talk about diamonds please?

Trend 2 - The Diamond Collier 

A collier is essentially a wide chain that wraps around the neck - designed similarly to a tennis bracelet, if you will, that rests on the neck.
Colliers have always been considered a status symbol and especially in awards. Let's ponder for a moment about how many diamonds you need to wrap a ring with... Seriously, try to guess what amount of diamonds is more or less required ...? 20-30 diamonds is about the amount of diamonds needed to wrap a single finger! Now tell me - how many diamonds do you think it takes to wrap the neck? Well - a lot!

And here is Lady Gaga, celebrating the trend

Both her pieces are relevant, even if we are not in Hollywood- this classic is a classic and with us in Rogel you can also enjoy its beauty:

Trend 3 - Precious colorful stones
Blue sapphires, green emeralds, yellow and pink diamonds .. At this year's Oscars we saw everything.

Queen Beyoncé, the undisputed mother, even enlarged and wore a corset / garter bracelet (Pierre, first time I've seen one) studded with white and yellow diamonds.
And make no mistake friends ... You can be certain that the following pieces of jewelry (in the picture below), only the best quality gems and natural diamonds were used, and therefore this jewelry is rare and extremely expensive ...

Vanessa Hudgens also liked the trend:

At Shlomit Rogel you will find special items such as these, under our "One of a Kind" collection.

Trend 4 - and perhaps the most prominent one, is actually a combination of the two previous trends - Collier embellished with precious gems.
Lily James, did it stunningly.


I am waiting for a client who will challenge me. 😉
So until next year, I'll dream of colliers and emeralds ...

Be good,
Shlomit Rogel