Real Is Rare

March 8 is International Women's Day, and this year at Rogel, we felt a strong desire to celebrate the real women.

Just as our real diamonds are organic, and every diamond is different, so are the women who are Rogel's customers.

I am honored to introduce you to our models in the Real is Rare campaign - our beloved customers. Strong, special and extremely talented women.
We asked each of the women who touched us a few questions. Just as each one is different, and just as each diamond is unique and special - their answers were diverse, interesting and special. Each in their own way:

Keren Peleg - Choreographer

"I am Keren Peleg Marcus, 45 years old, and I am a choreographer. I have been involved in dance almost all my life and I love it!
I am a mother of two, I have a son and a daughter, am happily married, and today I am a one-day model."

Peleg Marcus Foundation - YOU ARE CREATIVE
"It starts with my work which requires a lot of creativity. Specifically in dancing it is expressed through creating choreographies, conveying emotions and stories through movement and body. All around - lighting design, stage, costumes, thinking outside the box… you have to think and innovate every time.

Also in my life I am constantly trying to discover new things. With age, with progress, with growing a family, the children… I feel the desire to innovate and be constantly creative.
To get excited and fill my life with new things every day - this is the taste of life for me. I do not want to get stuck in the same place. "

Tell us about a story about your favorite piece of jewelry from Rogel that you own and how it makes you feel:
"There was a day when I wanted to renew my necklace (I didn't even think specifically about diamonds beforehand), and I remembered Rogel. I jumped into the studio and it turned out I bought a necklace that I had not originally planned to buy at all.
So why did I buy it anyway? Simply because when I wore it I felt "wow". I really like jewelry that does not scream from a distance. I am a very colorful and upbeat person. I wanted something that would connect with my style but gently, calmly, and with beauty and a sense of class. The necklace made me feel so good that I just knew it was what I wanted. I layered a letter necklace (with the letter K) with it - and since then I've always worn them together and haven't taken them off for even a single moment." 

Link to Keren's Instagram

Sharon Daniel - Assistant for children with disabilities

"Hi, I am Sharon, 54 years old mother of 4 daughters, married and working as a learning supporter in a special needs school for a girl with cerebral palsy. I really like my job - my ability to leverage, lift and help another person is something that resides in me. I'm special, opinionated, a good daughter, a good sister, a good mother, I'm a good friend, I'm very creative - I really like to sculpt, draw… and you can not miss it - along the fence of my house there are statues of women I sculpted with my own hands. Each one is different and special - just like women of the real world (along with a statue of my dog)."

Sharon Daniel - YOU ARE UNIQUE
"First of all, as a child, my mother always called me 'unique' I thought it was just a nickname. Over the years, when I started to understand English, I realized that this word had a special meaning.
Now I also know, understand, and feel it myself - I am confident in my opinions, I have no fear, I dress the way I like. I'm sometimes fat, sometimes thin, sometimes short… I change and I love myself in every shape and form.
My uniqueness is that I have always been at peace with myself. "

Tell us about a story about your favorite piece of jewelry from Rogel and how it makes you feel:
"We're four girls in the family, and my parents always wanted to give us all a special gift. They chose to give each of us the same necklace - each of us is like a diamond (the necklace has four diamonds that all together are 4 carats) - each one is part of the whole that is us. A chain of female power."

Link to Sharon's Instagram 

Berry - owner of a school for beauty professions and an entrepreneur 

"My name is Berry, 30, I own two studios for beauty, nails and cosmetics.
I have a wonderful business and an amazing team of women for three years now, and I get up every day excited for another day of work.

Berry, tell us - You R…

"I AM unstoppable"
I am unequivocally unstoppable - whatever goals I set for myself, I know I will achieve.
I always strive to keep going forward, to grow, to be the best version of myself, the strongest possible, and every day I wake up feeling better.
That's how I know I'm in the right place. I do what I love and I think every woman should get to a place of happiness, and that she does what makes her feel good.”

Tell us about a story about your favorite piece of jewelry from Rogel and how it makes you feel:
I have a little affair with Rogel. My partner and I have been together for 10 years, and everyone who knows us knows that we were not always onboard for getting married. Four years ago he surprised me while on a trip abroad. At the time I did not believe that a marriage proposal would arrive. At one point he just knelt down and took out a ring box from Rogel. I was confused and told to him "Get up, what are you doing?!" It was very surprising. He opened the box and inside I saw a simply stunning diamond ring, and I started to cry.
Since then we live together in happiness and love, and have become regular customers of Rogel.

Link to Berry's Instagram

At the end of this wonderful and feminine day of photography, we were all filled with a sense of pride. Feminine pride, a sense of shared power, of doing something full of beauty and value and of course - lots of love for our customers and our ongoing work, which is also for the most part - feminine.
Rogel is run by an all female team - creative, powerful, uncompromising ... just like the women who were with us on this special photo shoot day we produced together.

You are invited to follow all the events on our page, and of course to follow each of the women who came to celebrate with us.